Global Debt Registry Joins MOBI!

[New York, NY, September 4, 2019]Global Debt Registry (GDR), the leading digital platform for managing ABS securitization transactions today announced that it has joined Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) — a global consortium of industry leading automakers, technology based startups, and other mobility players.

As a member of MOBI, GDR will collaborate with industry leaders in pursuit of the creation of a minimum viable ecosystem that aims to standardize blockchain and related technologies to bring transparency and trust to the industry, consumers, and communities and reduce frictions and transaction costs in mobility. GDR brings expertise in the application of Blockchain to auto finance transactions, including expert knowledge and experience on how loan data and documents can be better managed on chain to support automation, faster transactions and emerging new business models. 

“I could not be more excited to join MOBI’s innovative community. Both the mobility sector and the supporting $100+ billion auto securitization market are undergoing significant digital transformation, powered by blockchain and other technologies,” said Charlie Moore, CEO of GDR. “Shared, immutable sources of truth will unlock huge value in capital management, smart contract automation, and new deal structures. MOBI shares GDR’s inclusive, open mantra, recognizing the importance of working together in establishing industry standards and best practice.”

With over 100 member companies and growing, MOBI is collaborating with a wide variety of players in the mobility and blockchain space. We are working with many of the world’s largest automakers and mobility ecosystem players, along with numerous start-ups, nonprofits, governments, transit agencies, and technology companies. By working together, we can make mobility services more efficient, affordable, greener, safer and less congested.

About MOBI
MOBI is a nonprofit foundation formed to accelerate the adoption and to promote standards in blockchain, distributed technologies for the benefit of the mobility industry, consumers, and communities. MOBI and our partners are creating simple, standard and digital ways of identifying cars, people, and trips, of paying for mobility services, and securely exchanging and monetizing data in ways that preserve property rights and privacy.

MOBI is an open, inclusive body that acts as a ‘trusted convened’ and partner to entities in the emerging ecosystem of pay for use, on demand, connected, and increasingly autonomous mobility services. MOBI itself is technology and ledger agnostic. For additional information about joining MOBI, please reach out to Erika Pingatore, or visit

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About Global Debt Registry
Global Debt Registry is a financial technology company improving the efficiency of the securitization market, through use of a common ledger across transacting parties for collaboration, risk management and automation. GDR’s SOC1 & SOC2 compliant infrastructure – built with Hyperledger Fabric – helps to efficiently manage lending facilities, loan data and documents, from origination through securitization. The company is led by a team of senior executives from Thomson Reuters, Credit Suisse, BNY Mellon and Barclays. For further information on the benefits of blockchain in structured credit, view our video breakdown at

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