GDR Launches Echo Deal Workflow Tool to Streamline Structured Credit Transactions

[New York, NY, September 22nd, 2019]Global Debt Registry (GDR), the leading digital platform for managing securitization transactions today announced the launch of Echo to support the digital transformation of transaction documents and data.

Zero integration. Instant on for deals and teams.

Echo saves time and money while providing extra security for all the parties involved in asset-based securities (ABS) deals. Echo is a document-centric collaboration tool that gives parties a shared digital view of deals documents and loan data across parties and time. Echo runs out of the box with a one click, zero integration roll-out. The deal workflow tool lets teams raise the bar on workflows dominated by emails, excel and electronic vaults. GDR’s Echo supports services that add security and transparency into deals as they evolve.

Some top features and benefits include:  

  • Unified document viewing with Echo means that all the players can reference the same documents, flows and actions.

  • Echo’s One Click sharing adds members to your deal team with a click, so teams get up to speed immediately. No more combing through email threads or chasing version numbers.

Stop the email flood and move away from Excel.

Echo even lets players in the ABS ecosytem listen to deals and documents outside of email. Echo gets rid of inbox chaos by watching deals and documents evolve in Slack, Symphony or other project management and communication tools.

A key industry development for Echo is the support of human- and machine-readable open language for workflow. This means that GDR’s new product can easy integrate with any in-house system or across partners to update documents.  Automation and open APIs allows even junior developers to easily build or add existing systems and services to automate deal flows across partners and systems.

Future proofing with blockchain.

Echo as a platform provides framework to support easy asset transfers and the recording of documents and events across parties in immutable blockchain records. Tokenization of individual assets on the blockchain of your choice becomes a possibility as the market demand matures.

Charlie Moore, CEO of Global Debt Registry, commented, “A common ledger facilitating shared, digital, immutable sources of truth unlocks huge value in capital management, smart contract automation, and new deal structures. Echo provides a flexible workflow tool to collaborate on transactions, turning unstructured data and documents often trapped in emails into structured, tagged data with a strong audit trail and legal framework for automation.”

With over 1 million loans already recorded on its blockchain and growing, Global Debt Registry has established itself as the platform to support all asset types, digital or paper, to more easily flow through the teams and tools across the structured credit ecosystem.

Issuers are invited to test the platform, and industry service providers in areas like custody, trust, verification are welcome to engage around the API suite. Please contact GDR at (

About Global Debt Registry
Global Debt Registry is a financial technology company improving the efficiency of the securitization market, through use of a common ledger across transacting parties for better collaboration, risk management and automation. GDR’s SOC1 & SOC2 compliant infrastructure – built with Hyperledger Fabric – helps to efficiently manage lending facilities, loan data and documents, from origination through securitization. The company is led by a team of senior executives from Thomson Reuters, Credit Suisse, BNY Mellon and Barclays. For further information on the benefits of a common deal ledger in structured credit, view our video at

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