Global Debt Registry Leveraging Intelligent Threat Detection Services Powered by Machine Learning to Further Secure Collateral Pledge Registry

Global Debt Registry - GuardDuty Announcement.png

New York, New York, Aug. 22, 2017: Today, the Global Debt Registry team has adopted Amazon GuardDuty, an intelligent threat detection and continuous monitoring service, adding additional layers of protection to our AWS accounts.

Using machine-learning algorithms, GuardDuty will analyze events across our AWS accounts and network for potential threats. It will accurately identify suspected attackers via automation and threat intelligence. Additionally, GuardDuty allows us to automate risk response by threat level, decreasing recovery and remediation time.

Global Debt Registry is a leader in the lending ABS market through our decentralized registry built on IBM’s Blockchain Framework. Our registry is transforming the credit ecosystem by increasing transaction efficiency and streamlining manual processes. The addition of Amazon GuardDuty to our AWS Management Console adds supplementary protections without decreasing the efficiency of our existing workloads. GDR’s striving for the latest and greatest technologies is further demonstrates why GDR is on the forefront of lending technology.

Amazon GuardDuty Illustration.png

Illustration of Amazon GuardDuty via Amazon

Our team’s individual experience in consumer lending, banking, compliance, financial data, technology, and innovation coupled with the power of blockchain is enabling the future of structured credit. In our pledge registry, underlying loan qualities are tokenized to provide an immutable record, allowing the addition and controls of other characteristics in the loan lifecycle.

Tom Basgil