Transforming Structured Credit Together. Step by Step.


Global Debt Registry helps original creditors through to senior lenders, underwriters and investors
to more efficiently participate in the structured credit market, connecting participants with a
new shared trust paradigm.

GDR’s award-winning industry solutions are built with IBM’s Blockchain technology. A shared digital source of truth, breaks down siloes, and makes the market accessible for smaller volume issuers. Traditional asset information, collateral, verification and transaction documents can be immutably managed on chain as a foundation for automating or eradicating repetitive tasks. The common ledger is designed and built in partnership with industry leaders and IBM to serve the unique needs of the credit market.

The underlying loan data and documents provide an immutable record, allowing an emerging shared system of record for reference in legal documents and smart contract automation.

GDR is focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of ABS transactions with the connectivity tissue across a siloed ecosystem.
Open APIs and ease of sharing support existing workflows to minimize change and enable existing service providers to participate.




Shared Trust



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Ethos: Connecting the Dots...

The structured credit market operating model has not fundamentally changed in decades.


Digital lending has only scratched the surface of modernizing the industry by enhancing the borrower experience, while the capital markets still largely rely on spreadsheets. Risk is still managed through manual processes and loan information remains siloed.

Distributed Ledger Technology and the tokenization of loans, with the right governance framework, security and standards can create significant new value in faster transactions, cost savings and the development of new structured credit products.